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Patterson clip, from the Patterson footage of Bigfoot

This still stands as one of the best pieces of evidence to date , the famous Patterson footage. Is this bigfoot?  

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Who made all the Bigfoot tracks that we continue to find? Here in Michigan we have found  them several times.This alone keeps the search for an answer going. New reports ( )of Bigfoot tracks come in almost everyday . Some are fakes but some are not easy to dismiss.

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Bigfoot/Sasquatch was founded in 2010 after many years of Bigfoot hunting in Michigan and the rest of the United States.  Our main focus has been in West Michigan.  We will bring the latest Bigfoot information and reports to you so please return for updates soon.  This site is devoted to the Bigfoot mystery.


Areas of recent possible Bigfoot activity in Michigan are the Fulton State game area, along the Pere Marquette and Pentwater river valleys and and the Manistee National Forest in Mason and Manistee counties. We are currently doing research and preparing reports in these locations and will have updated information this spring. I do have some photos of Michigan Bigfoot tracks posted on the site now that I found in July, 2008.

We will be starting a new project after the new year starts. I will be documenting Bigfoot tracks found in the snow in Michigan. Look for updates soon!



What is Bigfoot or Sasquatch? Is he an ancient man or a species of ape?

The most common explanation for Bigfoot, among believers, is that they are a rare and elusive species of large primate. This hypothesis is backed by the appearance and behaviors of most Bigfoot sighting reports. The only thing that does not fit with this idea is the seemingly high intelligence that the creature appears to exhibit. Bigfoot trackers speak of lean-tos, broken branches marking pathways, and leafy nests that may be akin to what other great apes such as gorillas build. This is just one theory. As of yet nobody knows for sure. You can find out much more by going to the excellent articles we have , Bigfoot/Sasquatch Myth or Reality.

Sightings of Bigfoot/Sasquatch were first reported in parts of the United States and Canada in the early 1800s. I have just uncovered some even older reports from Northern Michigan and will be investigating further. Since then there have been thousands of reports of a large, hairy hominid or ape, with the distinguishing characteristic of a 16"-20" footprint. There have also been many obvious forgeries and hoaxes, wild guesses about UFOs or supernatural connections. Some suggest the beast is a relative of Gigantopithecus, an extinct primate of China, but no hard, factual evidence of a Bigfoot has ever been produced. A famous home movie from 1967 by Roger Patterson still stands as one of the most significant -- and controversial -- pieces of visual evidence. In 2008 two men, Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer, held a press conference to claim they had found a Bigfoot body in the forests of Georgia. The "body" was later revealed to be a rubber gorilla suit.

Similar stories from around the world about giant and elusive ape-like humans include the Yeren of China, the Yeti of the Himalaya mountains, the Yowie of Australia and the Mapinguari of South America.



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