Pictures were taken in July, 2008. These are of a possible Bigfoot track

Bigfoot track picture found in Michigan on the Little Manistee River

This is another suspected Bigfoot track found at the same location



The Bigfoot/Sasquatch pictures below give us an interesting glimpse as to what the creature might look like.


Pensylvania game tracker picture of a possible Bigfoot



Bigfoot drawing



Picture taken by me while looking for possible Bigfoot - Sasquatch sign on the Little Manistee River in the Manistee National Forest. This track was found in mid stream on a sand-gravel bar.  My foot is a size 11. Notice the impact of the track in the gravel bar. Bigfoot's track sank in at least an inch. Other Bigfoot tracks(BFRO) were found in Mason County MI in 2006 less than 20 miles from these.







































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