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As a money saving resource on pay tv for my visitors I'm including a new area where you can come to find out more about Dish Network Satellite TV . I will be updating this section almost daily so when you are hanging out on the Bigfoot site make sure to stop by. A few of you have already left comments about DISH. One gentleman told me he was spending $180/month with Time-Warner, he wanted to know if I thought he was getting ripped off! Now he's getting DISH TV installed free, he's happy!

Right now with DISH you can get 120 All-Digital Channels for only $24.99/Month with HBO and Showtime Free For 3 Months. "HD Free For Life" will save you at least $10/month! You can lock in savings like this for a whole year! To order or find out more online go to Dish TV. For those of you that prefer to call. Make sure to use Ext 50531 Promo Code A12 to get the BEST deal! Call 1-800-998-DISH(3474)
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